Day: 9 June 2017

The Birth Of Edible Flowers

Most of us tend to think that people have started incorporating flowers into their meals only of recent times. That it is a trend of the modern era. But this is far from the truth. Because our ancestors are well known to have known the benefits that flowers provide, including the many benefits to our health. So it’s nothing new that we have started doing of recent times. Although we lost touch with these practices somewhere along the way, it has resurfaced again and we are starting to increasingly incorporate flowers in to our dishes. Maybe it’s high time that we realized that not only are they simply pleasing to the eye and add an aesthetic value to the dish but they can also improve our health in many ways.

Nutritional benefits
Flowers are undergoing a major revolution in their uses. From a wedding bouquet having wild grass and flowers include in it to give added beauty and a natural look to people increasingly starting to eat the petals and various other parts of a flower. This change in perception has come after many years of research into the health benefits of these plants and flowers.

The express flower delivery in Singapore of such edible flowers are continuing to rise with the increasing awareness and demand. As more and more people realize that these flowers can do to them the exact same thing that the drugs they consume can do, they are opting for the prettier option of the two – the flowers. So what are these flowers that can help us reduce the number of drugs that we consume?

There are many number of flowers that along with improving physical health also enhance your emotional wellbeing. The valerian flower tends to help people with anxiety issues and those who have trouble falling asleep. They also help with various types of headaches like tension headaches and migraines. Chamomile is one such flower that helps to calm down your nerves and strengthen your immunity. That is why we find people who have stress issues including chamomile tea as part of their daily diet.

Other flowers that can esthetically please you along with making you healthy for example is Violet which adds a freshness and earthiness to desserts and these flowers also supply rutin which people believe can make your capillary bed more healthy by strengthening the vessel walls. The rose is another flower that is rich in antioxidants, which are necessary for the body to help fight cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. Lemon gem marigolds and nasturtiums are used in salads because they provide a vibrant mixture of colors along with enhancing the flavor of the food.

They contain an orange pigment that helps fight cancer cells.
So next time you are planning to add a bit of color to your dish with some edible flowers, choose wisely with their health benefits in mind.