Day: 6 June 2017

Is An Enterprise Resource Planning Computer Program Safe?

If you look at most of the companies operating in the corporate world these days you will find that they are using a number of computer programs or software to get the company work done. There are occasions of using different video chat programs, conferencing programs and file encryption programs. Enterprise resource planning computer programs are one such category of computer programs used in company settings.

This enterprise resource planning software has now developed so much so that we even have web based ERP. Any company seeking to find a better way of doing financial transactions can select such a computer program. There is no need for you to worry about their safety as the best computer program out there comes with different ways of providing the necessary safety for company data.

Data SecurityData security is one of the most important requirements of using such a computer program. You are using this program to help with all of your financial transactions. Therefore, if the computer program is not secure enough outside people could easily hack into the system and get what they want. A good program comes with all the relevant data security needed.

Reserved AccessYou will find that any of the unique ERP solutions in Singapore produced by a reliable company comes with reserved access. Reserved access means the program exists as a system only accessible to people who have the permission to use it. Every company person who should use it will be given a user name and a password. The other important feature in this reserved access facility is making sure even those with access can only look at data and use data which are in their level of clearance. This feature helps to keep every employee from getting to know about all the transactions of a company. That is essential. That way other than a few people in the management all the employees of the firm will not have access to all the financial data.

Helps to Avoid Human ErrorsAnother very important feature in this kind of a computer program is its ability to avoid human error. There are always incidents, at least one or two, with financial transactions done by company employees. When you have this kind of a program you can automate almost every process where humans can cause mistakes if done by them. That way the program keeps the data safe and accurate all the time.

These facts help anyone to understand how safe good enterprise resource planning software can be for a company.