Day: 2 June 2017

Is Television Advertising Effective ?

How many of us actually sit down to watch television today? There is still a good number of people who would like to enjoy a good family time at a sit down television session but the thing is, with how much people have gotten busy with work and different other modes of entertainment and information sources, people find it less necessary to really sit down to watch TV. Earlier, it seemed the only way for them to see a good drama or a sports event or see daily news but today, with internet taking over everything, people use their portable devices to connect to all sorts of sources for information and entertainment. It’s true that there is still a lot of people who will watch television but it’s still in question whether television advertisements are effective now a days.

The first loophole in television advertisements is that, it cannot be individualized as when using an EDM marketing platform in Singapore. When you use a direct emailing method, you know exactly to whom you will address and the kind of content that you will have in your mail. Depending on the person that you are reaching out to, you also have the capability to really customize what you detail out in the structure of the email. If it’s a small business, you can specify the kind of information that they would wish to see and if it’s a sole proprietor then, the type of information that can be useful for them.

It’s very important today in marketing to cater to the people’s needs and what exactly they wish to see. Unlike a television advertisement which allows you to showcase everything within such a short time span, when you use an EDM marketing solution to reach out to your potential customers, you can easily enhance the corporate image as well when they see the content, the brochures, the detailing and values that is been showcased through the layout. Another point is that, you will roughly measure the amount of audience that watches television during a specific time slot which is amounted by the potential rate of customers and then you arrive at the return rate that you could possibly get out of it.

Although, the math is there that will only be a rough idea on how many will be exposed to the advertisement but it’s not likely that you know how many was triggered by the ad itself but in these programs, direct mailing campaigns will help you find out the number of potentials that turned into leads and through the pipeline how they got converted into sales. We cannot conclude by saying TV ads are not effective but if you’re offering needs more brand awareness and personalization then, it might not be the most effective mode to follow.