Day: 18 May 2017

A Guide On How To Groom Your Dog The Right Way

Having a dog comes along with other responsibilities such as making sure it is always healthy, making sure your dog is happy and content and doing so requires a lot of work by you. Grooming your dog is one way of making sure they stay healthy, clean and also comfortable as well. Non groomed dogs are bound to have more issues such as health problems and other problems like matted fur which could potentially harm the dog after some time.

This Is why grooming is so important for your pets. Even though it might be something important, it certainly is not easy to do so at home. It is something that would take a lot of patience and energy to do without managing to hurt your pet by accident. Going to a groomer might sound great but if you want to save money and want to give it a try yourself, this guide will help you out.

Take it to an expertThe best thing you can do is take your pet to a professional dog groomer instead of trying to do this at home because if you are a beginner to grooming you might not know exactly what to do. Grooming a dog can result in scratches or bruises on your dog that might then lead to serious issues such as infections and experts know to do groom them without this added risk. So at least make it a habit to take your pet to an expert once in five months.

Before giving a bathYou can do this to your pet before bath time as that can help make it easier for you and your pet both. Calm your dog down as it can be something that will make him anxious and then start by brushing his fur out. Once that is done you can take a pair of cutting scissors and start cutting the matted hair that you are unable to brush through. Pet grooming in Bedok Singapore is not easy, but these basics will be enough to keep your dog safe and happy for some time until it is done again.

Clipping nailsThis is one of the hard parts of grooming your pet as they usually do not stay still when you are trying to clip their nails and this could then result in injuries to their paw. You can start off by cutting a bit of until the length of the nail is not too short but not too long as well. Be careful as hitting a blood vessel in the nail can cause injuries!